Tristen West

I am a creative professional who is known for delivering exceptional solutions through video, digital, and branding. Simply put, I love finding unique and creative ways to share incredible stories with the world.


People love watching videos. They are engaging and increase brand visibility and credibility. My goal is to create unique and creative experiences for clients that make their stories incredible.


Where my expertise lies is in seeing the big picture and developing complete solutions for clients that help build their creative dreams.

  • Video/Brand

    When looking for a way to drive additional traffic into their store, The Bridal Suite reached out to me to help them execute on building out and filming a series of videos. Through this, I created The Bridal Diary. My responsibilities included logo design & shooting, editing, and designing a simple look and feel for the videos in the series.

  • Web/Brand

    Ryan Wright is a professional basketball player currently playing overseas. He approached me to help him build his basketball and lifestyle brand. My work done here was web design, logo design, colour strategy, and copywriting for his biography.

  • Web/Brand

    I was approached by The Modern Etiquette Institute to shape the brand for the entire company. Being a school focused on Modern Etiquette, we wanted to create something that was modern, but still had hints of traditional. Work here included everything from logo design to photography being done for the client.

  • Print/Brand

    With Teuta Guci, the goal was to showcase that Real Estate could be beautiful. I was hired to reimagine her entire brand in a way that was modern, elegant, and helped her standout from the competition. Work included logo design, designing her storefront banner, brand strategy, photography, and print.


  • Storytelling
  • Video Production
  • Content Management
  • Creative Strategy
  • Vendor Management
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Brand Development
  • Creative Design
  • Project Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Microsoft Office

Contact Me

I am always happy to connect! Please feel free to reach out to me.